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As received.

With Respect to the last para of the trail mail, I would like to quote. Few statements which has been made by the CGDA and PCDA pensions during pension adalat at Parvanoo . Due to quoted as understood by some veteran who had attended the meet there. A statement as such made by CGDA certainly carry a lot of prior inputs to us and There is a rethink on the date on which the basic is to be taken (is it 1/1/2006 or is it Jul 2014/31 Dec 2015 for deriving the new pension as per 7CPC wef 1/1/2016. From the CGDA's statement itself it comes out that the multiplication factor (FF) of 2.57 has to be changed to 2.89 for accommodating the OROP basic in the 7CPC implementation . This gives us food for thought and few more bashings on inevitables/virtual realities : Read through a fwd on CGDA/PCDA discussions at Parvanoo quoted below : Message as received. Message as received is received is forwarded. Today I went to Tarn Taran to attend the pension adalat. It was possibly the first time the highest ranking officers came. It was organised by 7 Inf Div. The CGDA, Mr Kohli who belongs to Naushara Pannuan, about 15 km from Tarn Taran. CGDA (PENSIONS) and CGDA WESTERN COMD were present. Had an opportunity to spend 20 minutes with the CGDA. Issues discussed as under. 1. 7 CPC pension award. Most, including myself were under the impression that our pensions go up by 2.57 times the pension as on 31 Dec 15. The CPC award is 2.57 times 01 Jan 2006. Now this works for civilians. Not for Faujis. I was left clueless. Anyway the MoD and MoF are in the final stages of resolving the complication. According to him if we are to get the equivalent of 2.57 times as for civilians we should get 2.89 times of 2006 pension. Hence the problem. 2. 33 Year pension case is also having similar problems for us. Civilians have no problems because their pay is based on pay bands and pensions also accordingly. In our case earlier last 10 months average and after 2006 pay in last rank or last pay drawn. To be honest i wish I had deeper knowledge of these complicated issues. However this is in the final stages of govt approval. The tables will again take time at cgda. Reason we got increases in 2006, 2009, 2012 and OROP in 2014. All these have to be factored when arriving at arrears since 2006. Office of DPDO is under winding up process. The staff of cgda has come down from about 28000 to 19000. Since computerization has made things easier and all individual data is with cgda pensions, the office of DPDO will be wound up slowly. Some sort of help desks will come up which are easily accessible where just the problem is fed and the pcda will answer the query.
Brig Inder Mohan Singh

(Source- Via gp e-mail from Col Latif Vadakkayil (Retd)


By Dinakar Peri Updated: September 8, 2016

An implementation order on the Seventh Pay Commission for Military personnel was issued by the Defence Ministry early this week. However, with key anomalies raised by the Services remaining unaddressed, the three Chiefs of Staff are likely to seek the intervention of P M Narendra Modi. While the Seventh Pay Commission has been implemented for civilian government employees, the separate order required for the defence services was not issued as the Chiefs of Staff had written to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Mr. Modi over discrepancies that were not cleared by the empowered committee appointed to look into concerns. “While the small concerns have been taken care of, the major concerns put forward have not been addressed,” sources in the defence services said. The commission’s recommendations had disconcerted the Services as they were equated on a par with the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), which they said reduced their status. “The notification corrects the issue of parity,” one official said. As per procedure, the three Services have to now issue individual service instructions. “The process is likely to take 15 to 20 days and the new salary would be reflected in this month’s salary,” the official added. Service chiefs briefed The three Chiefs of Staff were on Wednesday given detailed presentations on the implications of the implementation in its present form. While the exact course of action is yet to be finalised, the chiefs are likely to seek Mr. Modi’s intervention and have the issue addressed by the Group of Ministers (GoM). “They will speak to Mr. Parrikar and are likely to write to Mr. Modi that the matter be taken up by the GoM,” sources said. The service instructions are likely to be delayed till the issue is addressed. The Services are likely to ask the defence ministry to put the specific instructions on hold till the anomalies are sorted, sources added. The services had on several occasions raised four key issues in addition to others, which they perceive reduce the status of the armed forces with respect to their civilian counterparts. These relate to the Non Functional Upgrade (NFU), NFU pay fixation, Military Service Pay (MSP) and the common pay matrix for civilian and military services.

(Source - The Hindu)

Defence Pay Matrix

Dear Veterans,

            This is with reference to your query on Defence Pay Matrix.

Defence Pay Matrix.   The pay matrix is for various ranks from serving Sepoys to Service Chiefs. If you see the top of the horizontal part of the matrix, it says Pay Band. That is the pay band of 6th CPC. For ranks from Sepoy to Brig it had four pay bands. PB-1 is for OR, PB-2 is for JCOs, PB-3 for Officers up to rank of Maj and PB-4 for ranks from Lt Col to Brig. There after you see for Lt Gens (HAG) in pay scale of Rs 67000 – 79000, Lt Gens (HAG+) of Rs 75500 – Rs 80,000, Army Cdrs at Rs 80,000 and Service Chiefs at Rs 90,000 in 6th CPC scales. You see old grade pay of all ranks as per 6h CPC in the next row. For Officers it is from Rs 5400 of Lt to RS 10,000 for Maj Gens.   

Levels. Now Come to Levels. They start from Level 3 for Sepoys and goes up to Level 18 for Service Chiefs. Lt Cols at 12A, Cols at 13 and Brig at 13A is what we will restrict for easier understanding of the pay matrix. You can also interpret Level as rank.

 Stages. Under Level vertically down, you will find 1 to 24 for Sepoys to Majors which are known as Stages. That is the number of increments you earned in the last rank. For Lt Cols stages has gone up from 18 to 21, for Cols it is enhanced from 16 to 19 and for Brig it is enhanced from 14 to 16. If you the Gazette Notification issued earlier, it talked about stages increased for the ranks of Lt Col to Brig to bring their pay scale at par with CAPFs.

Pay Fixation in 7th CPC of Serving Personnel as on Jan 2016

Pay in Dec 2015. The Gazette talks about fixation of pay of serving personnel. Suppose there is a Brig whose basic pay + grade pay of 6thCPC as in Dec 2015 is Rs X then multiply this figure with 2.57 (already they are drawing 2.25 due to DR being 125%). For that you see Level 13A for Brig. If a Brig is newly promoted on Dec 2015 and his pay in pay band + grade pay is Rs X then his pay as on Jan 2016 is Rs 1,39,600. Suppose there is a Brig with few increments already drawing basic pay +grade pay of Rs 62,000 as in Dec 2015. You multiply Rs 62,000 with 2.57 to Rs 1,59,340. See in the column under Level 13A for Brig whether Rs 1,59,340 is available. The cell closest to Rs 1,59,340 is Rs 1,61,800 at Stage 6 (vertically below Level). So his pay matrix (pay in pay band + grade pay) is Rs 161800. Add Rs 15,500 of MSP and his total Def Pay is Rs 1,77,300. Suppose he were to retire in Jan 2016 then his pension is Rs 177300/2 = Rs 88,650.This is based on pay in pay + grade pay of Rs 62,000 which is taken as a sample and is not the Correct figure. You have to see actually what that Brig was drawing as on Dec 2015. So do not go by what pension figure I am giving.

Pension of Pre – 2016 Pensioners. 7th CPC at Chapter 10.2.87 at page 418 & 419 clearly mention that pension be worked out by Increment method or 2.57 method. Since Increment method requires PCDA (O) Pune to intimate the number of increments earned in the last rank of any one (say Brig as in your case), they pension be paid as per 2.57 method. In case Increment method is more beneficial then the difference be paid as arrears later. Therefore in my assessment your pension in 7th CPC = OROP pension x 2.57 (you are supposed to have retired in 2013). If you have served as Brig for long time and your pension is beneficial in Increment method as and when PCDA(O) Pune intimates the number of increments you earned in the rank of Brig, then PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad will work out and if they find Increment method is more beneficial then they will give you arrears. When ?

   So do not waste your time trying to analyse Pay fixation of Serving Personnel. Multiply your present OROP pension with 2.57 and be happy with that new pension w.e.f Jan 2016. So wait Circular containing detailed tables (like they did for OROP)  to come from PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad hopefully by Diwali.

warm regards,

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