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7 th cpc-Revision of provisions regulating pension/gratuity/commutation of pension/family pension/disability pension/ex-gratia lump-sum compensation

7 th cpc-Revision of provisions regulating pension/gratuity/commutation of pension/family pension/disability pension/ex-gratia lump-sum compensation-
PCDA Important Circular No.C-154
0/0 The Pr. C.D.A. (P) Allahabad- 211014 Date 12th August, 2016
Subject: – Implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission —

Revision of provisions regulating pension/gratuity/commutation of pension/family pension/disability pension/ex-gratia lump-sum compensation, etc in respect of civilians/Defence Civilians of Ministry of Defence and their families. Reference: – GOI, Min of P, PG & Pensions, Deptt. of P&PW OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW (A)
(i) dated, the 4th August, 2016. The Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Deptt. of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare in their O.M. No 38/37/2016-P&PW (A)
(i) dated, the 4th August, 2016 have issued orders for implementing Govt’s decision on the recommendations of Seventh CPC revising provisions of pension/commutation of pension with effect from 1-1-2016 (copy enclosed). With a view to implement the Govt. decision, the following procedural changes are made in regard to submission of fresh pension/family pension and commutation of pension claims.
2.1 Consequent on application of the C.C.S.(RP) Rules, 2016 and Deptt. of P&PW OM dated 4th August, 2016 referred to above, it has been decided that all pension claims shall be submitted to this office in the revised LPC Cum Data Sheets enclosed as Appendix-E’ and ‘F’ to this circular.
2.2 Pension claims in r/o individuals who have drawn pay and allowances in the revised scale of pay will be floated by the Head of Office in the revised LPC Cum Data Sheet as per Appendix-E’. Another Data Sheet (Rev) has been designed as Appendix ‘F’ for proposing amendments/revision of pensionary awards (for issue of corrigendum PPO) notified in the original PPO based on LPC Cum Data Sheet (Appendix-E’) as stated above.
3. The new designed Data-sheets, viz, Appendix `E’ & ‘F’, will be given effect for implementation as soon as Pay under Seventh CPC is fixed and H.O.O. is in a position to initiate the pension cases on the revised formats. However, no case on the old Data-sheets will be accepted after 30-09-2016. It may please be noted that this is an essential requirement for expeditious notification of Pension/Revision of pension.
4. In this connection, sets of each data sheet alongwith instructions are forwarded herewith for transmission of the same to the lower formation/Unit/HOO under your control. The unit/formation declared as H.O.O. may be instructed to use the data sheets alongwith supporting documents as per the revised procedure. Additional copies of data sheets and instruction, if required, may please be prepared/printed at your end for circulation. A copy of the instruction issued by you to your unit/formation/HOO may please be endorsed to this office.
5. These orders do not apply to those cases (retired after 1.1.16 but got pensions as per 6th CPC) where the pension at the old rates has already been finalized. For revision of Pension of such cases, a separate circular will be issued. Separate proforma for preparation of Data-Sheets in such cases, as provided in the circular, would be used. The receiot of this communication may please be acknowledged. (The copy of this circular is available on the website of this office

(Dr.Upinderbir singh) DCDA (P


Dear Sir,

In spite of my repeated advices to JCOs and OR that they should wait for tables to be issued by PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad for their pensions in 7th CPC, they are pestering me to inform of their 7th CPC pensions, increase in pension and likely arrears. I have made the calculations by taking pensions of JCO, OR and Family Pensioners (Ordinary Family Pensioners, Special Family Pensioners and Liberalised Family Pensioners) as in OROP in Circular 555 in various tables and multiplied it by 2.25 to get OROP pension as on Jan 2016 and multiplied basic pension of OROP with 2.57 to get pension in 7th CPC w.e.f. Jan 2016. The arrears is difference between the pension as on Jan 2016 with DR of OROP and of 7th CPC with DR at 0%. You can circulate the same through your group mails. I can not say with any degree of guarantee that JCOs and OR will get the same pension hike and arrears in 7th CPC i.e. w.e.f Jan 2016 when the same are given out by PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad. So do not blame me if they get less or more pension than what I worked out. If you find any mistakes in my calculations do point them out to me for making corrections. warm regards, Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd) 9493191380 TSEWA-140 East or West, TSEWA is the Best - Brig Jugal Kishore Bajaj Please quote your membership no in your mails like I do __._,_.___

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