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SCOVA Meeting was held yesterday 27th Jun 2016.
The Hon'ble Minister Dr Jitendra Singh presided in the second half. Prior to his arrival Shri C Vishwanath, the new Secy (Pensions) presided. Senior representatives of Ministries together with Finance Expenditure, Defence and CGDA were present.

Following was discussed:

representatives indicated that all PPO's after 6th Pay Commission had been issued, this was refuted both by AVM Chopra representing AFA and the undersigned. However it was explained that the frequency of orders issued by MoD and the extra paperwork created by PCDA(P) itself was causing considerable backlog. The following was also brought to the notice of Secy (Pensions)

1.1 That orders issued were not composite covering all types of pensions.

1.2. Incorrect interpretation of orders.

1.3. Opaque method of functioning of PCDA(P) with no replies to queries.

1.4 Issue of unnecessary Annexure's to be filled by JCO's and Other Ranks thus creating further delays in disbursements to them.

1.5 Non-Digitalisation of PPO's and resorting to PPO's through post. Recommended all PPO's to be digitally sent to Record Offices in the case of JCO's and Other ranks and correspondence/queries in regards such personnel resorted to over mail. Record Offices needed to be encouraged to correspond or forward PPO's received to CPPC Units.

1.6.Assistance of Postal Authorities not resorted to in affixing orders issued or finding out whereabouts of pensioners.

1.7. Pensions of widows of those that die delayed by over 4 months instead of being instantaneous.

1.8 Denying pensions approved by authorities to retired personnel unilaterally.

2.Other issues concerning Pensions etc.

Not receiving a satisfactory response from the Jt.CDA present, instructions were immediately issued which were subsequently approved by the Minister that a meeting would be held early next week with CGDA, Jt Secy ESW and other government authorities responsible with DIWAVE and AFA being present. We requested presence of IESL also.


Ministry of Health has undertaken the task of insurance for pensioners with CGHS and others. We requested that PROSTHESIS to Orthopedically handicapped should also be included for Prosthesis. This would greatly assist non government disabled as well and lower costs. The same is available abroad. This suggestion was agreed to and a note on the same was requested.

According to the Ministry of Defence note, the proposal had been rejected. We emphasised that The said examination of our proposal was incorrect and on wrong parameters. Whereas the proposal was examined with all 50000 disabled to be covered our proposal was only for the DISABLED INVALIDED OUT WIDOWS and no other.These numbered approx 4500. The Secy (pensions) immediately indicated where 4500 or 10000, it did not matter and ordered re-examination of the proposal. This suggestion/proposal had been rendered after observing some widows begging outside places of religious worship. Mod Representatives could not respond nor CGDA. Immediately The senior representative from Min of Fin (Expenditure) present, informed the chair, that if this proposal was sent to them, they would clear it immediately. The Re-examination of the proposal was ordered.


(Revision of Disability Pension w.e.f 1-1-2006 We informed the chair that though MoD had issued the orders, the payments had been indirectly stopped by PCDA(P) because of an ANNEXURE required to be filled by JCO"s and OTHER RANKS. It was pointed out that in every order which at present was at a frequency of one per quarter, the same ANNEXURE was being requested for. Thus no one had benefitted so far.


It was pointed out that the orders were defective in as much that JCO's and Other Ranks would suffer as they were being brought down from Maximum to Minimum of Rank. Further orders for Defence Civilians had been published the very next day whereas no orders had been issued for the Defence Pensioners so far. On a request by Secy (Pensions) for a suggestion in regards JCO's and Other ranks, we suggested that they be retained at Maximum of Pay.


During the discussion in this regard, we brought out that Civilian Defence Employees of IMA and RIMC had no medical cover and they should be included. This was noted.


We pointed out that whilst implementing OROP orders, THE PCDA(P) had reduced the service element of DISABLED WAR VETERANS INVALIDED OUT OF SERVICE AND THEIR WIDOWS unilaterally and arbitrarily reduced their entitlements to actually rendered service. This had resulted in recovery and no benefit to them.

We added that Capt's and Major's had been equated to the Hony Lts or Hony Capts. An incorrect assumption. This was noted and would be discussed in the special meeting to be held with CGDA and JS (ESW) and other present.

Col H N Handa
President For: Disabled War Veteran's (India) C6-18/1 Safdarjung Development Area, Behind Haus Khas Telephone Exchange, New Delhi 110016 Tele: 011-41315492 Fax: 011-41315492/0124-4051572 Mob: +919811920190/+919811199367 Mail: website:

(Source- Via e-mail from Vet Col SS Sohi)

7th Pay Commission – Cabinet may approve 7th CPC report on 29th June 2016

Search GConnect Team June 28, 2016 7th Pay Commission Latest News 7th Pay Commission – Cabinet may approve 7th CPC report on 29th June 2016 – Prime Minister directed the Finance Ministry to implement the 7th Pay Commission – Media reports say  The Cabinet is likely to take up Seventh 7th Pay Commission recommendations for government employees on June 29. Implementation of new pay scales recommended by the 7th Pay Commission is estimated to put an additional burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore on the exchequer annually. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had in his Budget for 2016-17 provisioned Rs 70,000 crore towards Seventh Pay Commission awards, which is around 60 per cent of the incremental expenditure on salaries. The Pay Commission’s recommendations are due from January 1, 2016. The central government constitutes the pay commission every 10 years to revise the pay scales of its employees. The Commission was set up by the UPA government in February 2014 to revise remuneration of about 48 lakh central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday directed the Finance Ministry to implement the 7th Pay Commission recommendations, results of which could be termed as a huge bonanza for lakhs of government employees. The move will be cleared in the Cabinet meeting which will take place on Wednesday. A total of 98 lakh employees — 47 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners — will benefit from the move. The employees are likely to get a hike of 15-20 per cent. The implementation of the new pay scales is estimated to put an additional burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore on the exchequer in 2016-17. Subject to acceptance by the government, it will take effect from January 1, 2016. Want to read this news in Hindi ? Click here Checkout the following News video for more details Error loading player: No playable sources found The Budget document has stated that “the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission due from January 1, 2016 is to be implemented during fiscal year 2016-17 as also the revised One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for Defence services”. The Finance Ministry has provisioned for this in the Demands for Grants for individual departments and ministries. It is built and subsumed into those allocations. In January, the government had set up a high-powered panel headed by Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha to process the recommendations of The Empowered Committee of Secretaries which will function as a Screening Committee to process the recommendations with regard to all relevant factors of the Commission in an expeditious detailed and holistic fashion. Faced with the burden of Pay Commission recommendations, there were concerns on whether the government would be able to stick to the fiscal deficit target of 3.9 per cent for 2016-17. Source: News 18

Tax to be levied at Source only if Payment in Cash is above Rs.2 lakh

Prakash Malankar June 28, 2016 News

Tax to be levied at Source only if Payment in Cash – TCS will not be levied if the cash receipt does not exceed Rs. two lakh even if the sale consideration exceeds Rs. two lakh.

No tax will be collected at source when cash component of the payment for goods and services is less than Rs.2 lakh even if the total consideration is more than this amount.

CBDT has issued a new circular on Tax Collected at Source (TCS) clarifying that the levy will not be applicable when cash part of the payment for certain goods or services is less than Rs.2 lakh, even when the total payment is more than this amount. “TCS will not be levied if the cash receipt does not exceed Rs. two lakh even if the sale consideration exceeds Rs. two lakh,” the Central Board of Direct Taxes said.

It illustrated this statement by an example that in a case where a good worth Rs.5 lakh is sold for which the consideration amounting to Rs.4 lakh has been received in cheque and Rs.1 lakh has been received in cash. “As the cash receipt does not exceed Rs.2 lakh, no tax is required to be collected at source as per Sec. 206C (1D),” the Central Board of Direct Taxes said. The circular added that TCS is “required to be collected at source on cash component of the sales consideration and not on the whole of sales consideration“.

The Income Tax Department has been levying 1 per cent TCS on cash purchase of bullion in excess of Rs 2 lakh and jewellery in excess of Rs 5 lakh since July 1, 2012 and there has been no change in that position. However, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his Budget 2016-17, had imposed TCS of one per cent on goods and services purchased in cash in excess of Rs 2 lakh.

Source: IE

7th Pay Commission latest news: Salary of central government employees to be hiked by 23.5 per cent

7th Pay Commission latest news: Salary of central government employees to be hiked by 23.5 per cent The basic salary hike has been revised only to 14.25 per cent. In 2008, the 6th Pay Commission had implemented a 20 per cent increase in the basic salary. By Mohammed Uzair Shaikh on June 28, 2016 at 12:38 AM  Email  New Delhi, June 27: Central government employees along with the pensioners will now finally reap the benefits of 7th Pay Commission recommendations. As per latest reports, the Committee of Secretaries, headed by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha has recommended a hike of 23.5 per cent in salaries of government employees, along with pensions extracted by the retired personnels. With a hike of 23.5 per cent, the additional burden on state exchequer is expected to be Rs 1.02 lakh crores.  This could by far be the lowest salary hike implemented through any CPC recommendation. The basic salary hike has been revised only to 14.25 per cent. In 2008, the 6th Pay Commission had implemented a 20 per cent increase in the basic salary. The salary hike would impact nearly 53 lakh government employees, along with 47 lakh pensioners. Apart from the salary hike, the employees would also receive arrears, calculated from the month of January. (ALSO READ: 7th Pay Commission: Rs 70,000 crore allotted by Finance Ministry on basis of A K Mathur-led committee recommendations) As per the revisions made by Secretaries Panel, the minimum salary has been upgraded to Rs 18,000, whereas, the maximum salary has been capped at Rs 3,25,000. The original report of CPC was prepared by Justice A K Mathur in November. It was expected to be implemented from January. However, government decided to review the salary hike and formed the Secretaries Panel under P K Sinha. According to Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa, the report has been finalized and the Cabinet note would soon be filed on the recommendations. A positive news is expected to break on June 29.  Modified Date: June 28, 2016 12:38 AM

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