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“The meeting is expected to take place on Tuesday, June 14”, said V.P. Mishra, President, Indian Public Service Employment Federation New Delhi: The meeting of the Empowered Group of Secretaries reviewing the 7th Pay Commission, to finalize the payout to the central government employees did not take place as scheduled earlier on Saturday.
The office of the Cabinet Secretary confirmed that the meeting did not take place on Saturday. It did not reveal either when would the secretaries panel meet again to give the final shape to the salaries of central government employees. “The meeting is expected to take place on Tuesday, June 14”, said V.P. Mishra, President, Indian Public Service Employment Federation. “When we met the Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha on June 3, he told us that we would be meeting on June 14”, added Mishra confirming that the 7th Pay Commission report is said to be finalised soon. The AK Mathur led 7th pay panel report, which was released in November, had raised the minimum pay of central government employees to Rs 18,000 per month from currently drawn Rs 7,000, while the maximum pay recommended was Rs 2.5 lakh per month from Rs 90,000. 

The employees unions decried the wage revisions suggested by the Commission as the “the lowest in the post independent history of the country”, and said a “meager rise of 14% alone was recommended by the Commission to be effective for a long period of ten years.” The Empowered Committee of Secretaries, which was set up in January to review the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations, is expected to meet on Tuesday and is expected to finally decide how the monthly package of central government employees will shape up. “We have give our recommendations, and the Cabinet Secretary told us that we are looking into these”, added Mishra. “It (Empowered Committee of Secretaries) is a divided house, but good number of people agree that what we are saying has a point”, said KKN Kutty, President, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. The Confederation is demanding the minimum salary of Rs 26,000 per month. ” The Staff side had computed the minimum wage as on 1.1.2014 at Rs. 26,000, The rates were taken on the basis of the actual retail prices in the market as on 1.1.2014 (average prices of 8 Cities in the country) substantiated by the documentary evidence of Cash bill obtained from the concerned vendors. As on 1.12016, the minimum wage work out to Rs. 29339, rounded off to Rs. 30,000″, said the Confederation in its Charter of demand. It has done everything possible to get the maximum payout under 7th Pay Commission. The Confederation has decided to go on strike from July 11, if its charter of demand are not met by the government, and has already given the strike notice to the Cabinet Secretary. There are nearly 47 lakh employees and over 50 lakh pensioners in India on central government payrolls currently. The Empowered Committee of Secretaries was set up in January has and involved all the stake holders involved–central government unions, departments, ministries and all other – and will complete deliberations in todays meeting and decide the final monthly payout.

Source : Zee News

ESM sitrep 11 Jun 2016 evening

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few weeks, there had been a flood of queries from veterans, mainly expressing apprehension that with OROP granted, we may be denied the benefit of the 7th Pay Commission. To get authentic clarification I met the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley Jun 11.

Summary of the points discussed ensues.
Koshyari Committee Report

At the outset I emphasised that irrespective of whether the government has formally accepted the Koshyari Committee report or not (it has been earlier stated that the report is a mere recommendation from one of the several committees and has not been officially accepted), in the perception of the veterans, the correct OROP definition is what the Koshyari Committee has stated. Seen in that light any shortfall will keep rankling. Pay Commission vis-à-vis OROP On my expressing the widely rumoured apprehension that since we have just received OROP, we may be denied the Pay Commission benefits, the Minister clarified that there is no basis for such an apprehension. The veterans WILL get the due benefit of the 7th Pay Commission and the grant of OROP will not affect it in any way.

OROP Anomalies I underscored the two major anomalies ie, re-fixation of pension on the maximum instead of the average of maximum and minimum, and revision every year instead of five yearly as given in the Notification. I further stressed that the expenditure involved in both may be just around Rs 3,500 Crore, which is not significantly large considering what has already been sanctioned. The government should agree to remove these two anomalies. He listened patiently but made no comment except saying "let us see".

One-Man Judicial Committee

Although it was not said in clear terms, the Minister's body language was suggestive of the One-Man judicial Committee being given additional time to complete its task. More importantly, I asked what would be the government response in case the Committee makes recommendations that are pro-veterans vis-à-vis the OROP anomalies, as we had presented to the Committee. The Finance Minister was positive on the subject. He stated that as it is the government has given nearly 90% of the OROP as we pensioners interpret it. Whatever recommendations the Committee makes would form a very small percentage of the defence budget and the government would not be averse to accepting it.

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd) Chairman IESM 262, Sector-17A Gurgaon - 122 001 (Source- Via e-mail from
Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd)

7th Pay Commission: New monthly salaries to be effected by August 1

7th Pay Commission: New monthly salaries to be effected by August 1

Mumbai , dna webdesk

The 7th Pay Commission committee met on Saturday to discuss the roll out plan and add final touches to the revised salary recommendations. Revised, higher monthly salaries for lakhs of central government employees and pensioners may come into effect as soon as August 1, a report in The Financial Express said, quoting officials working closely with the 7th Pay Commisison. The final decision on the matter was supposed to have been taken in the April 11 meeting of the 7th Pay Commission committed chaired by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha in New Delhi.

The meeting's agenda also included adding final touches to the recommendations before they are handed to the Finance Ministry. The details of what transpired in the meeting on Saturday haven't been revealed yet. When it comes into effect with retrospective effect from January 1, 2016, salary packages of 47 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners will be impacted.

Wage hikes to roll out soon as panel meets on June 11 for finishing touches The report said it wasn't immediately clear whether the arrears will also be credited along with the revised pay, which means it isn't clear yet whether the past dues will be credited in one go or will be paid out in instalments. The Secretaries' group has recommended a wage hike of Rs 21,000 and Rs 2.7 lakh for the lower and upper level, respectively. This is Rs 3,000 more for the lower level and Rs 20,000 more for the upper level prescribed by the 7th CPC.

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