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Dear Veterans,

1.    As is known, w.e.f. 01.01.2006, the 6th CPC had recommended full pension for all Central Govt Employes after 20 years completed service (after de-linking the earlier mandatory condition of 33 years service). 

2.  But, the Govt of India, vide MIN OF DEF ORDER NO.17(4)2008(1)D(PEN POLICY) D/D 11.11.2008and through the PCDA Implementation CIRCULAR NO.397 DATED 18.11.2008, not applied the above 6th CPC condition in r/o Pre-2006 ORs/JCOs of the Armed Forces. (Of late this was revised vide PCDA CIRCULAR NO.547 DATED 11.9.2015

3. To bridge the gap of pensions of pre-&post-2006 Armed Forces Pensioners, the Govt of India, issued another Order of 8.3.2010 through PCDA Circular No.430 of 10.3.2010, thereby enhancing the basic pensions of pre-2006 AF Pensioners. (Here, the weightage of service was enhanced for ORs.)

4.   Yet again, the Govt of India, through an Order of 17.1.2013, got issued anotherCIRCULAR NO.501 OF 17.1.2013, further enhancing the basic pensions of pre-2006 AF Pensioners. (The CoS again increased the weightage of service for ORs/JCOs). Another CIRCULAR NO.547 DATED 11.9.2015 was also issued revising the pension of AF Pensioners wef 1.1.2006. Accordingly, as per the above orders, the pension of pre-1.1.2006 pensioner ( self - rank - SGT, Gp III/Y, QS - 18.5years) is as determined below:-

A) As per Order 11.11.08/Cir 397  :  Existing Pen : 1730/- (as on 31.12.2005)
                                                     Existing Pen : Rs.2813/-(With DP),                                                                   Revised Pension : Rs.4239/- wef 1.1.2006
B) As per Cir 547                         : Enhanced Pension : Rs.4775/-wef 1.1.2006 

C) *Modified Pen as per Cir 430       :  Revised @ Rs.5647/- wef 1.7.2009.

D) *Rev Pen as per CoS Cir 501        : Revised @ Rs.6108/- wef 24.9.2012.

(*The pension was calculated with CPC pay scale/GP/MSP, vide GoI, MOD Order No.17(4)2008(2)/D (pen Policy) dated 18.8.2010, through the PCDA CIRCULAR NO. 471 OF 30.09.2011 corresponding to maximum of pay in V CPC scale, adding weightage to actual no of years of service in the rank at the time of retirement).

5.   In terms of above orders, my basic pension fixed/revised as per criteria as given below:- 

a) Rs.15210/2 x24.5(18.5+6yrs wtg)/33 yrs =Rs.5647/-  wef 1.7.2009 and 

b) Rs.15210/2 x 26.5(18.5+8 Yrs wtg)/33 yrs = Rs.6108/- wef 24.9.2012.     

6.   In the backdrop of filing of a case in Supreme Court against the Govt orders and the SC Verdict to implement 20 years service for earning full pension, the Govt of Min of Personnel, Pen Welfare, had issued an Order on 06.4.2016 vide ORDER NO.38/37/08-P&PW DATED 6.4.16for grant of full pension to all CG Pensioners. Consequently, the PCDA issued a CIRCULAR NO.C-149 DATED 8.4.2016 extending this benefit to all Civilian employees in MOD.  

7.    The MOD issues a detailed order in respective of Armed Forces pensioners and then the PCDA issues a circular containing the tables, rank/group and no.of completed years (QS) for earning pension. In the Govt of India orders/PCDA circulars mentioned in para 4 above, certain weightage of number of years of service was added to the actual years of service rendered by the AF pensioners. 

8.   In all probability, for implementing the above Orders (DPP&W) as a sequel to the SC Verdict, the Govt of India MOD,  might withdraw the existing facility of adding weightage of years of QS to pensionable service to AF Pensioners. The Govt might at the same time, pro-rata reduce the pension of all those pensioners having less then 20 years of service. If that happens, the following might be my Basic Pension(for 18.5 years of QS, Sgt rank in Gp III/Y) w.e.f. 1.1.2006 and subsequent dates shown below:-

a) Rs.15210/2 x 18.5(actual QS)/20yrs = Rs.7035/- wef 1.1.2006 to 30.6.09.  
    Actual pension granted as per Cir 547 :  Rs.4775/- wef 1.1.2006 to 30.6.09.  
    (Diff.being Rs.7035 - 4775)        : Rs.2260/-(1.1.06 to 30.6.09=42 months)

b) Rs.15210/2 x 18.5 (actual QS)/20yrs+ Rs.7035/- wef 1.7.2009 to 23.9.2012 
    Actual pension granted as per Cir 430: Rs.5647/- wef.1.7.2009to 23.9.12.
   (Diff.being Rs.7035 - 5647) : Rs.1388/-(1.7.09 to 23.09.12=39months appx.)

c) Rs.15210/2 x 18.5 (actual QS)/20yrs+ Rs.7035/- wef 24.9.2012 to 30.4.16. 
    Actual pension granted as per Cir 430 : Rs.6108/- wef.24.9.12 to 30.4.16.
    (Diff.being Rs.7035 - 6108)  : Rs.1388/-(24.09.12 to 30.4.16 =41months).

9.   As I mentioned, this is a probability and guesswork at the best. We have to wait for the GoI, MOD orders and subsequent issuance of the tables by the PCDA, for the correct picture/exact amount of the basic pension,on above count.

10.  Till then, happy blogging.

CAUTION/NOTE : These are purely probable figures worked out on guess only by the blogger. The details worked out in para 8 are also not based on any Govt/PCDA criteria and hence not to be taken as authoritative and authentic and the views expressed herein and the calculations done are as per personal knowledge of the blogger. Please double click on the relevant orders/circulars

(Source : The GoI Orders and PCDA circulars are from their respective websites)  

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