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A letter from Col Rajan

Indian Military Veterans
Respected Veterans,
Jai Hind & Sat Sri Akaal.
1.       You are absolutely RIGHT in saying, ‘Let us send positive msg by lifting JM on 14/ 15 Apr : Baisakhi’; but who cares. Gen Bahri, the Bhishma Pithama of Ex-Servicemen is right when he says, 'Baljit, we seem to be farting against the wind! Who wants to listen?' 
2.       At the very outset, I would like to state that Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Singh is an Hon’ble MAN; whose commitment to the cause, ie. grant of OROP, is unmatched. There is no doubt that Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Singh was, is and shall continue to be the leading light of IESM; and the torch bearer of the struggle for grant of OROP. Not-withstanding that, I say, 'A good General is one, who knows when to withdraw'. Fd Mshl Sir William Slim's name is etched in Military History, for his timely & orderly withdrawal of Forces from Burma to Kohima (Nagaland). His book, 'Defeat into Victory' is a standing testimony as to when & how to withdraw; and yet, win the War.
3.       With the putting out of OROP Tables by the Govt on 3 Feb 2016, the Ex-Servicemen Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar has lost its relevance; and to continue with the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar is counter-productive.
4.       We all agree that the OROP Tables put out by the Govt has a number of anomalies. Yet, we would also agree, that for all its faults, this Govt has conceded and granted OROP, which none of the earlier Govts ever did, for the past forty three years.
5.       For all his faults, Shri Manohar Parrikar, the Hon'ble Defence Minister remains our best bet. Prudence demands that we pause; go to the One Man Judicial Commission with our grievances and seek redressal. By doing so, we would be strengthening the hands of Shri Manohar Parrikar, the Hon'ble Defence Minister vis-a-vis the vicious triumvirate comprising Shri Arun Jaitley, the Hon'ble Finance Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, the Hon'ble Home Minister and the IAS, as a Class.
6.       Let us not forget that it is Rajnath Singh who has been instigating DG BSF and DG CRPF to demand OROP for their Police personnel. This Rascal (I have no compunction in using that epithet for the Hon’ble ‘Gentleman’) is the one who has authorized wearing of Disruptive Pattern Uniform by the BSF and CRPF; thus equating them with the Army. Recently, when the Army was called out in Haryana to render Aid to Civil Power during the Jat agitation, it was a SHAME to see Army personnel holding placards with ARMY written on it, to distinguish themselves from the Police and Central Armed Police Forces. Not being content with that, Shri Rajnath Singh has now authorized the Police and CAPFs to wear collar dogs with stars on them. Please find attached a photograph of Shri K Durga Prasad, DG CRPF, wearing Disruptive Pattern Uniform with collar dogs having three stars with a flower wreath below. By jove! What temerity? Has wearing of Disruptive Pattern Uniform with collar dogs having stars by Officers of CAPFs been approved by the Hon’ble PM or the Cabinet? This is a serious matter. Nobody can trifle with the Defence Services in any manner. How I wish our Chiefs stand up and tell the Hon’ble Defence Minister and the Hon’ble Prime Minister that this is just NOT acceptable. But, will they?
7.       A word about Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Hon'ble MP (Rajya Sabha). If not for Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Koshyari Committee would never have been constituted. And thanks to the Koshyari Committee Report that OROP has been defined in unambiguous terms. Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar's contribution towards grant of OROP is not only stupendous; but is unparalleled. He too agrees that there are anomalies in the OROP Tables; and in various clauses put out in the Govt Notification. As a matter of fact, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar has written a letter to Shri Manohar Parrikar, the Hon’ble Defence Minister highlighting various anomalies that have been noticed, both in the Notification and the OROP Tables put out by the Govt. Has Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM, ever bothered to consult Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar or Veterans of the stature of Gen Bahri as to whether one should continue the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar; or, to effect a pause? I am afraid NO. As a matter of fact, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar and numerous Veterans including past Chiefs of the Army, Navy & Air Force and those of the stature of Gen Bahri are NOT in favour of continuing the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar; and have conveyed their views to Veteran Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM. But that has had no effect on Veteran Gen Satbir Singh; as, he has now surrounded himself with fawning courtiers and hangers on; who are constantly feeding his EGO.
8.       When in public domain, one ought to make sure that one retains humility. Unfortunately, Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Sigh has transformed himself into a Cult figure; and, feels that he is the sole representative of the 2.5 million Ex-Servicemen all over the Country, which he is NOT. At Jantar Mantar one can frequently hear the chant, 'Fauj ka General kaisa ho? General Satbir Singh jaisa ho'. The congregation of Ex-Servicemen at Jantar Mantar is NOT a Parliament of Ex-Servicemen as is being bandied about. Majority of Ex-Servicemen (the term includes retired Officers) are NOT in favour of continuing with the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar. To say, 'it is the Parliament of Ex-Servicemen at Jantar Mantar, which wants the continuance of the Relay Fast', would be a travesty of truth. 
9.       I have known Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Singh since April 2008. It was on receipt of his email in the first week of April 2008, that I organised the first Ex-Servicemen Rally at Bangalore on 28 April 2008; and later spread the Movement to a number of cities & towns in the Southern States. It was during the South Zone Military Veterans Meet organised by me on 27 Sep 2008 at Bangalore, that, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Hon'ble MP (Rajya Sabha) was gracious to participate in the Meeting; and, he pledged his support to the Ex-Servicemen in their struggle for grant of OROP. And, he has more than lived up to his ‘Pledge’.
10.    With the grant of OROP, there is a chorus by Ex-Servicemen to get back their hard earned Medals; and it is the moral responsibility of Veterans like me to get back the Medals from Delhi and restore them to their rightful owners, at the earliest. Air Marshal Keith Lewis was the first to deposit his glittering array of Medals including PVSM, AVSM and VM (Gallantry) on 15 March 2009 at Bangalore. And, when Veterans like him, aged 85 years, ask me: Dear Rajan, will we ever get back our Medals, while we are still alive? I find it hard to give a convincing reply. Another Veteran Brig JS Narasimhan, of Signals, who too deposited his glittering array of Medals including AVSM and UN Foreign Service Medal, passed away recently. Please tell me where do I go to return his Medal? Return of Medals can only take place if & when the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar is withdrawn. It is a must that Veteran Maj Gen Satbir Singh takes note of Veterans’ concern in this regard.
11.    To end, as the past South Zone Convenor of IESM, I earnestly appeal to Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM, to suspend the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi, Wednesday, 13 April 2016. As Convenor Military Veterans INDIA, not aligned to/with any other Ex-Servicemen Organisation, I wish to assure Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM, that suspension of the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar by him would be viewed as an act of sagacity & perspicacity on his part. It is the need of the hour.
Col Rajan
Convenor, Military Veterans INDIA
Bangalore, 9449043770 & 9448024377
PS: May I request all Veterans to please take the trouble of expressing their views as to whether they are in favour or not in favour of suspending the Relay Fast at Jantar Mantar onBaisakhi, Wednesday, 13 April 2016. Veterans are requested to send their emails expressing their views to the following Office Bearers of IESM:
Maj Gen Satbir Singh Chairman IESM <>, 
Maj Gen Satbir Singh Chairman IESM <>,
Maj Gen PK Renjen Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Maj Gen PK Renjen Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Maj Gen AJB Jaini Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Maj Gen AJB Jaini Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Brig CS Kamboj Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Brig Harwant Singh Member Gov Body IESM <>,
Brig Harwant Singh Member Gov Body IESM <

A Letter from Brig CS Vidyasagar

Indian Military Veterans
Dear Veterans,
1.         The contents of any letter of Govt of India are so cryptic that it becomes difficult for all to understand what do they mean. So is the Ministry of Personnel, Pensions and Public Grievances letter dated 06 Apr 2016. To understand this letter, you have to read and read like I did five to six times. What did the letter say? It simply says All Central Government pensioners will get pension equal to 50% of sum of (Minimum pay in pay band + Grade pay + MSP (for Defence Pensioners) even if they did not put in 33 years’ service. Please understand this letter is addressed to Central Govt Civilian employees. The letter will apply mutatis mutandis to Defence Pensioners too.

Govt. is considering to withheld 50% of 7th CPC hike

Indian Military Veterans

The government is considering an innovative proposal under which 50% of increased salary of higher-income government staff under the Seventh Pay Commission will be compulsorily invested in bank capitalisation bonds. The proceeds will be used to recapitalise banks without additional pressure on the fisc. While this will result in less cash in the hands of higher-income employees, as a sweetener they will get income tax rebate on the amount invested. 

Central D.A. order wef 01.01.2016 issued. Download Order

Indian Military Veterans

Dearness Allowance payable to Central Govt. employees with effect from 01.01.2016 with a 6% hike, order issued by Finance ministry today.

With this total D.A. stands to 125% and probably the last hike in the sixth CPC regime.
The next hike may be expected with new scale as per 7th CPC.

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