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Revised Pensionary benefits under OROP released to over Two Lakh Defence Pensioner

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The Defence Pension Disbursing Offices (DPDOs) functioning under Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) in the Ministry of Defence have released revised pensionary benefits to 2,21,224 Defence pensioners drawing service/disability pension. The amount along with first instalment of arrears had been released and credited by the Defence Ministry to the accounts of these pensioners on 01.03.2016.
In the case of remaining 1,46,335 family pensioners drawing pension from Departmental Pension Drawing Officers (DPDOs), payment along with arrears is expected to be released by March end. Banks are under process of revision work.
These steps are a follow-up to Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) of the Ministry of Defence’s notification on 07.11.2015 ordering implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for Defence pensioners.
The total additional annual financial increase for grant of One Rank One Pension (OROP) is Rs. 7488.70 crores. The total amount on account of arrears to be paid for the period 1.7.2014 to 31.12.2015 is Rs. 10925.11 crores.
Out of total annual liability of Rs. 7488.70 crores, PBOR family pensioners shall get Rs. 6,405.59 crores, which works out to 85.5% of total expenditure of OROP.
Due to increase in defence pension budget, the additional liability for current financial year 2015-16 shall be Rs. 4,721.34 crores which will increase the current defence pension liability of Rs. 60,238 crores to Rs. 64,959.34 crores for the year 2015-16.
Detailed implementation orders of OROP with 101 tables containing revised pensions of different ranks and categories were issued by the Department of ESW on 03.02.2016 through their website According to the orders, the Pension Disbursing Agencies have been authorized to make payments with arrears as scheduled.
To facilitate the pension disbursing agencies, the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (P) have also issued implementation instructions through a circular on 04.02.2016. The implementation instructions along with Government orders are available on the website

7th CPC Pay and Allowances Ready Reckoner Tables for all Levels

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7th CPC Pay and Allowances Ready Reckoner Tables for all Levels
The below given tables are classified under House Rent Allowance percentage. Select your level and click the link given below for your pay and allowances as on 1.1.2016 as per the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission…
Click to know your total salary according to your basic pay as per the level from ready reckoner tables
[Visitors are requested to intimate immediately, if found any errors or omissions in the above tables]

GPF Interest Calculator updated up to 2015-16 – Compounded Interest Calculation for your General Provident Fund contribution from the year 2005-06 to 2015-16

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Calculate your GPF Balance and GPF Interest accrued from 2005

Benefits of calculating GPF Interest on your own:

Though PAO issues GPF Balance statement along with interest accrued so far every year, there is a clause in the said statement to the effect that discrepancies if any will have to be pointed by the employee concerned. GConnect GPF InterestCalculator makes your job easy for verifying the correctness of GPF Balance Statement provided by PAO.
This online tool is updated whenever finance ministry annouces the rate of interest applicable in respect of GPF. So, employees can plan in advance with regard to subscription they are going to make in the coming financial year and calculate the GPF amount and interest accrued on the same which would be available in their GPF Account at the end of the year.
Also, GPF interest Calculator can be used to plan for GPF Advance or part withdrawals.

GPF Interest, CPF Interest and similar Provident Fund Interest for the year 2015-16

How to use Gconnect GPF Interest Calculator ? Checkout the following link.

General Provident Fund - GPF Interest Calculator (From the Year 2005-06)

GPF Entry Sheet
Name of the Employee (Optional)
Designation (Optional)
Department (Optional)
GPF Account Number (Optional)
Enter Opening Balance of GPF at the beginning of the year
Enter Monthly Subscription (This is for same amount of subscription for 12 months-You can edit month wise GPF subscription below in the work sheet below if you have variable amount of monthly subscription)
Select financial year for which GPF Interest has to be calculated
Enter monthly GPF advance recovery (This is for same amount of recovery for 12 months-You can edit month wise GPF recovery in the work sheet below if you have taken advance in the middle of the year)
If you had withdrawn or taken advance enter the amount in the work sheet below in the relevant month in which withdrawal/advance is taken
GPF interest Calculation Work Sheet
MonthMonthly SubscriptionGPF Advance RecoveryEnter the amount wihdrawn in the appropriate monthEnter the amount drawn as advance in the appropriate monthMonthly Interest bearing GPF balance
Opening Balance of GPF at the beginning of the Year
Total Monthly GPF subscription
Total Recovery amount for GPF Advance
Total Deposits
Total GPF amount withdrawn during this year
Total GPF advance taken during this year
Net GPF Balance without interest for this year
GPF interest for this year
GPF Balance (including interest) at the end of the year

This Incredible Documentary Takes You Into the Human Body...

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A marigold in memory of martyrs

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A grateful nation bade tearful adieu to Lance Naik Hanamanthappa and nine of his comrades from 19 Madras Regiment who died at Siachen. But barely a month later, nobody is talking about them anymore. Public memory can be notoriously short. So what can this nation do to make the memory of the soldier enduring?

The United Service Institution of India (USI) believes it has a solution - the National Remembrance Project, which aims to observe December 7 as a day of remembrance, with the marigold as its symbol.

December 7 is observed as Armed Forces Flag Day in India - a tradition that started in 1949 with the distribution of miniature copies of the Tricolour among civilians in exchange for a donation. The idea was to convey the message that caring for soldiers was a civilian responsibility, just like protecting the country from external, and sometimes internal, enemies was the soldier's duty.

Over the years, the event has lost its significance as most people aren't even aware of it. "And that's the reason why it's so important to have our own day of remembrance on Flag Day. Of course, this does not mean that we aren't supposed to observe Remembrance Sunday - observed internationally in the memory of all those who have died in every conflict since the First World War. But we feel, for all of us to honour our soldiers better, we need to tell our people what our soldiers did before and after Independence," said Squadron Leader Rana Chhina (Retd) of USI's Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research, which is spearheading the project.

Interestingly, India also wants its own flower of remembrance, independent of the red poppy which is part of every Commonwealth commemoration. The marigold is sacred to both Hindus and Muslims, and has been traditionally offered in temples and at tombs of sufi seers and emperors like Akbar and Sher Shah Suri. "We believe this is the best possible floral symbol of Indian remembrance," said Major General Ian Cardozo (Retd). It was this Gurkha officer, famed for his legendary bravery in the 1971 war, who came up with the idea of the marigold.

The project will be supported by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which takes care of graves and memorials of Allied soldiers who died in the two world wars. The National Remembrance Project will include a new resource pack for schools, highlighting the role of Indian soldiers in the world wars and post-1947 conflicts. As a topic, India's role in the world wars is completely missing from the current syllabus. The project will also promote Indian war memorials worldwide.

National Commission for Ex-servicemen, Veterans Commission

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Image result for National Commission for Ex-servicemen, Veterans Commission

ANSWERED ON: 11.03.2016

National Commission for Ex-servicemen
Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Government is planning to set up a National Commission for Ex-servicemen;

(b) if so, whether the Government had drafted National Commission for Ex-servicemen Bill, 2015;

(c) if so, the status of the Bill; and

(d) the expected timeline for setting up of the commission?
(a) & (b): In pursuance of Hon’ble President’s Statement made in the Address to the Joint Session of Parliament on 9th June 2014, regarding Government’s decision to appoint a Veterans Commission, the National Commission for Ex-Servicemen Bill, 2015 has been drafted.

(c) & (d): The comments of Department of Legislative Affairs and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances have been obtained. The matter is under consideration of the Government.


7th Pay Commission Recommendations Hospital patient Care Allowance/Patient Care Allowance Related to Risk and Hardship

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7th Pay Commission Recommendations Hospital patient Care Allowance/Patient Care AllowanceRelated to Risk and Hardship

Hospital patient Care Allowance/Patient Care Allowance: (Retained. Rationalized. To be paid as per Cell R1H3 of the newly proposed Risk and Hardship Matrix.)

Merger and re-designation of the Civilian Scientific Staff Cadre of the Supply and Transport. Directorate in Defence Establishment

Controller General of Defence Accounts has issued a circular for Merger and re-designation of posts of Junior Scientific Assistant & Senior Laboratory Assistant
re-designation of Scientific Assistant
Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110010
AT/II/187/VI CPC/Orders/Vol-VII
Dated: 01 Mar 2016
PCA (Fys)/A11 CsFA (Fys)
(Through CGDA website)
Subject: Merger and re-designation of posts in Food Inspection Organization of Dte General of Supply and Transport.
A copy of MoD letter No. PC to MF 67707/ RR/ Q/ ST-8/ 6732/ D (QS) dated 11.01.2016 received under DGST, QMG Branch (ST-8), IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No. 67707/ RR/Q/ST-8 dated 14.01.2016 is forwarded herewith for your information and necessary action at your end.
(V. K. Purohit)
Dte Gen of Supplies & Transport
Quartermaster General’s Branch (ST-8)
Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)
P-11, Havlock Lines, Lucknow Road
Ne. 67707/RR/Q/ST-8
14 Jan 2018
CGDA, New Delhi
CDA Southern Comd, Pune
CDA Western Comd; Chandimandir
CDA Central Comd, Lucknow
CDA Northern Comd, Jammu
1.  A ink signed copy of Govt of India, Min of Def letter No. PC to MF 67707/RR/Q/ST-8/6732/D(QS) dt 11 Jan 2016 is. fwd herewith for your info and necessary action, please.
2. It is intimated that as per instructions contained in MOD letter under reference, the following common designation of Civilian Scientific Cadre of FIO in Army has been approved:-
Existing DesignationPre-revised Pay ScaleRevised DesignationRevised Pay Band/Grade Pay
Junior Scientific Assistant (JSA)5500-175-9000Scientific Assistant (SA)Rs. 9300-34800, Pay Band-2 with GP Rs.4200
Senior Laboratory Assistant5000-150-8000
3. The approval is subject to the following:-
(a) It will not involve any change in the pay scale or re-fixation of pay or change in the date of increment in any manner.
(b) It will not disturb next higher post in the hierarchy.
(Vivek Sexena)
Lt Col
PC to MF 67707/RR/Q/ST-8/6732/D(QS)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi, 11th January 2016
The Chief of the Army Staff
New Delhi
In pursuance of the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission and MoF OM No. 1/1/2008-IC of 13th November 2009, I am directed to convey sanction of the President of India for merger and re-designation of the following posts in the Civilian Scientific Staff Cadre of the Supply and Transport. Directorate in Defence Establishment:-
Name of CadreExisting name of the Post and ScaleCorresponding Pay, pay band and grade pay as per 6th CPCName of the post and scale after merger and re-designation
Name of postPay scaleas per 5th CPCName of postCorresponding pay, Pay band & grade pay as per 6th CPC
Civilian Scientific StaffJunior Scientific Assistant5500-175-9000/-Rs. 9300-34800, Pay Band 2 Grade pay Rs.4200/-Scientific AssistantRs. 9300-34800, Pay
Band-II Grade pay Rs.4200/-
Senior Laboratory AssistantRs. 5000-150-8000/-Rs. 9300-34800, Pay Band 2 Grade pay Rs. 4200/-
2. The sanction is subject to the condition that it will not involve any change in the pay scale or re-fixation of pay or change in the date of increment in any manner and it will not disturb next higher post in the hierarchy.
3. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their DC. No. 10(6)/E.III.B/2012 dated 04.12.2015 and Ministry of Defence (Fin/AG/PB) vide their Dy. No. 230/AG/PB/2015 dt 01.01.2016.
Yours faithfully,
(Kamal Kant)
Under Secretary to Govt of India

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