Sunday, 9 October 2016

Circular No 567

Dear Veterans,
The circular is for family pensioners. Widows are called family pensioners as they do not like to be called widows.
Their pension is dependent upon their late husband depending upon his rank, qualifying service and group X or Y (JCOs/OR).
The Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension (ER-OFP) is applicable for those widows or family pensioners whose husbands died and they get the same pension as their husbands for a period of seven years if he is an Ex-Serviceman or 10 years if he was a serving soldier whose death is declared as Non - Attributable or Non Aggravated by Military Service.
The second condition is ER-OFP is limited to 67 years of age of husband. Whichever is earlier is treated as the limit of period.
For example :
(a) Serving soldier dies at the age of 35 years on 08 Oct 2016 and his death is not attributable or nor aggravated by Military service. His widow will get ER-OFP till 07 Oct 2026 as that is earlier than 67 years of age. Thereafter she will get 60% of ER-OFP. This is known also as OFP. His last drawn emolument are say Rs 20000 pm then his pension if he were to retire is Rs 10000 and his wife will get Rs 10000 for 10 years to help her bring up her children and settle them. Thereafter it is reduced to 60% i.e. Rs 6000 pm.
(b) ESM dies at the age of 40 years on 08 Oct 2016. His wife is eligible for ER-OFP for seven years and this will end on 07 Oct 2023. Thereafter she will get 60% of ER-OFP. This is known also as OFP.
(c) ESM dies on 08 Oct 2016 at the age of 64 years. His wife will get ER-OFP for three years only i.e. 07 Oct 2019 as he is already 64 years old. In this case seven years do not count.
(d) ESM like me who is 68 years old dies on 08 Oct 2016. His wife does not get ER-OFP as her husband is already 68 years old and he should have ensured his children are settled. Govt of India in their wisdom feels that if one can not settle his children at 67 years of his own age, then he will never be able to settle his children.
The Circular 567 gives what is the amount of ER-OFP for each rank. 
warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
94931 91380

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