Sunday, 18 September 2016


Hon Raksha Mantri Ji,

I am writing you after seeing the impasse over 7 CPC between services and our infamous bureaucracy, though we still have bureaucrats like Ms. Damyanthi contrary to public perception. I was quite confused whether to stand with your direction to Chiefs for implementing 7 CPC or to stand with my White Uniform, which don up in my golden age (19yrs to 34 yrs), for saying no to 7 CPC due to following reasons:
1. Your directions to chiefs was against the interest of services as degradation of services has reached at breaking point now. So I can not stand with it.

2. The anomalies raised by Service Ch
iefs contained no element for Jawans, especially ORs as it seems that ORs are the richest cyclist who still goes to office using a second hand bicycle. If you want to see it, just have a morning walk in & around of Gopinath area in Delhi Cantt. To especially mention here that I too had a second bicycle for going to Naval Dockyard from Navy Nagar in Mumbai.I could not afford a Bajaj Chetak even. So we collectively decided to denounce both directives. I would request you to ask question from Service Chief - as if there are no anomalies in JCO / ORs status and perks ? And if they say no, then you straight shoot next question- Did you ask ? When draft of recommendation for pay commission was being prepared in SHQ, we have submitted the anomalies of JCO / ORs but they did not lend their ears on any of them. No JCO / ORs are spoken with and their representation is zero in all communication related to them. Below is opinion of JCO / ORs for your consideration for current impasse:

a) There should be no MSP for ranks above Lt-Colonel and its equivalent in navy and air force. This is so because ranks from Sepoy to Lt-Colonel are actual person who faces military hardship on ground.
b) MNS does not qualify for earning MSP as they neither have truncated carrier nor they face any threat or military hardship

c) MSP should be equal for all as hardship is equal for all as the principle say "equal pay for equal work"

d) NFU, if accepted, should be made applicable to all rank and files of the defence forces otherwise no to all. If given only to selected class, it will further strain the relationship between officers and Jawans.
DL-33 Sir,

your intervention is required urgently on this Delinking of 33 yrs order because it has been six month and not yet finalized. Even OROP chart preparation did not take this much time. As DoPPW has clarified that PBORs should be paid on notional maximum, kindly issue the direction accordingly so there is no play inserted in the circular. As festive season and marriage season is coming up, people are waiting for the circular. Many has their daughter's marriage or son marriage in coming month. So We all urge to you to issue necessary direction in this regard on top priority. It will be of much beneficial to JCO / ORs

​Santosh Kumar Singh
Ex-Petty Officer (IN)
General Secretary- AFVA

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